The Subbetica region has 58 villages, most of them located within the Sierras Subbeticas Natural Park: 16 in Priego de Cordoba, 12 in Iznajar, or 6 in Rute.

By strolling through these villages, we can discover the true essence of the Subbética, a land with its own identity that offers us landscape values, traditional customs, craftsmanship, and a popular architecture that the traveler will quickly discover.

Getting to know these rural communities, booking in one of their accommodations, consuming in their small businesses, and enjoying the traditional gastronomy of their taverns and inns, will not only allow the traveler to know the authenticity of the region but also to contribute to the local economy, promoting sustainable development and helping to prevent depopulation of rural areas.

Finally, it should be noted that numerous hiking and mountain biking trails run through some of these villages: such is the case of the Arroyo Granada route in Almedinilla, Los Barrancos in Fuente Tojar, Arroyo Tijeras in Algar (Carcabuey), or the route of the Montes de San Miguel in Jauja (Lucena).


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El Tejar
El Tejar is a village in the municipality of Benamejí, in the province of Córdoba. It is located to the south of the municipality on the border with the province of Malaga. It has a population of approximately 170 inhabitants. El Tejar can be reached via the N-331 road or ...
ALGAR (Village of Carcabuey)
Algar is located about 8km from Carcabuey towards South West. From Cortijo los López to Peñarubia It can be said that it is Algar but the center is delimited in: Avda. Prado Vicaría, Natalia Benítez, Plaza Horcajo, La Venta, La Garduña, El Barrio, El Ranal, El Ventorrillo, Barrás. Salazar and ...
The hamlet of El Adelantado is located southwest of the municipal area of Iznájar, towards the rising sun and at the foot of the hill of "Las Monjas," next to the stream of the same name, and bordering the province of Malaga. The name "Adelantado" recalls the military skirmishes that ...
Zagrilla Baja
Priego de Córdoba
Village formed from the 19th century onwards, around the labor houses built to tend to the orchards. Our Lady of Mount Carmel, the patron saint of the population, has her festival in August. In late September and October, the quince harvest takes place, transforming the landscape with the characteristic yellow ...
Navas del Selpillar
This hamlet is located 12 km from the municipality of Lucena and is surrounded by small elevations among which are "El Cerro las Puertas", "Cerro Zapateros", and "Cerro el Puntal". Its exact origin is not known. The watering place at the Pilar fountain, dating back to Roman times, is of ...
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