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May 15th, Royal Fair in honor of our patron San Isidro Labrador in Fuente Tójar.
Fuente Tójar
The Royal Fair of Fuente-Tójar lasts four days, of which always May 15 (patron saint's day), and the rest of the days are variable, so that it always coincides with the weekend. During the Fair there is a wide range of activities for all ages... cultural, musical, sporting, etc... In ...
Holy Week
Holy Week is a festivity of great tradition in all the Andalusian provinces. Although Almedinilla is a very small town, most of its inhabitants are very devout people who await these dates with special enthusiasm. The Holy Week of Almedinilla begins on Palm Sunday, with the procession of the Borriquita ...
Held in Plaza de España. It is a special carnival where a bonfire is lit, and around it, traditional games are organized, such as blindfolded games, the broken jug, choirs, and 'rincoros' with indigenous lyrics on popular amorous themes in a playful, spicy, and satirical tone. Each 'rincoro' has its ...
Feria Real
September arrives and with it the great festive event of the year: Our Royal Fair, which is held in honour of our father Jesus de Nazareno. The traditional dance groups, the release of heifers, the procession of Jesus of Nazareth, the attractions for the little ones, a good wine or ...
Throughout the week, you can enjoy processions of images such as the Christ of Souls, the Christ of Saint Mark, Saint John the Evangelist, the Nazarene, Jesus Captive, La Borriquita, La Esperanza Nazarena, the Virgin of Sorrows, and Veronica. These images, as they pass through the narrow whitewashed streets of ...
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