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The Subbética Cordobesa mountain range is an ideal region for nature hiking enthusiasts. The landscapes and variety of trails offered in this region form the perfect combination of nature and sport. In fact, it was recognized by UNESCO in 2006 as a geopark. Below, we will discuss the most beautiful and popular routes in the Subbética.


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Bitter Lagoon (Lucena).
Start: Near A-3131 towards Jauja (left bank) (Iznájar) End: Near A-3131 towards Jauja (left bank) Length: 1 km, circular Time (one way): 1 hour and 30 minutes Difficulty: Low
Sendero de las Buitreras: Carcabuey - TM Priego de Córdoba - Luque.
Priego de Córdoba
The trail starts in either direction, although it is recommended to do it from Luque to Carcabuey. The route, beginning near the municipal pool, allows us to enjoy the imposing landscape revealed along this trail, which also has the allure of passing through the cliffs where the largest colony of ...
El Pinar de Rute.
Start: 1 km from Rute (direction Las Lagunillas) Finish: Rute Length: 6 km, linear Time (one way): 2 hours Difficulty: Moderate
Mirador de Algar trail
The Mirador de Algar trail is a linear path of about 4.4 km with a duration of 1.35 hours. Easy difficulty. It starts in the village of Algar and ends at the Mirador de Algar. In the brochure, which can be downloaded in the Links section, there is a description ...
Charms of the Ribera del Genil Route
A circular route of great natural and heritage value where you can enjoy the contemplation of nature as you pass through places such as the viewpoint of "La Grieta", the Renaissance Bridge of Hernán Ruiz (16th century), and Arab-origin constructions such as the castle of Gómez Arias and the hydraulic ...
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