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The Subbética Cordobesa mountain range is an ideal region for nature hiking enthusiasts. The landscapes and variety of trails offered in this region form the perfect combination of nature and sport. In fact, it was recognized by UNESCO in 2006 as a geopark. Below, we will discuss the most beautiful and popular routes in the Subbética.


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Route of “Las Norias” of the Genil River
The route of “Las Norias del Río Genil” is circular, passing through pine groves, olive groves, orchards,fruit trees, and the riparian forest of the Genil River. Along the way, you can admire the meanders of the Genil River and visit the Arab-origin water wheels of Huerta de las Cruces, the ...
Access to this itinerary is via the A339 road towards Cabra-Priego de Cordova, at the Subbetic Mountains National Park Visitor Center, very close to Puerto del Mojón. The route runs along the northern slope of the Sierra de Cabrera. If we want to get to know some of the most ...
Fuente del Conde Trail.
The "Fuente del Conde Trail," also known as the "Magán Path," with a circular route of about 5.5 kilometers, showcases an area of high natural value: the Sierra de Campo Agro. Nature and hiking enthusiasts can now enjoy an improved route of the "Fuente del Conde Trail" or "Magán Path," ...
The trail begins in the Cabra municipality next to some water tanks about 100 m from the old railway station, now converted into the Oil Train Interpretation Centre. The first km of the trail runs along the railway towards Lucena, reaching a bridge over which we descend to take a ...
Bitter Lagoon (Lucena).
Start: Near A-3131 towards Jauja (left bank) (Iznájar) End: Near A-3131 towards Jauja (left bank) Length: 1 km, circular Time (one way): 1 hour and 30 minutes Difficulty: Low
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